5 Steps to Easy Venue Shopping

Published September 22nd, 2018 by Chefmarshalladmin

Venue Shopping

5 Simple things to consider

1   Am I getting my money's worth?  What does the venue provide compared to other venues?  Is there a breath-taking outside view, or is the Banquet room exquisite? Some places are better than others.  That's just the simple truth.  Easy things to observe are cleanliness, maintenance of the property, first impressions starting at the entrance door and special lighting.  Do you feel good when you park and walk into the place?

2   What's included... tables, chairs, linens, ice machine and yes, even trash cans.  Are there rooms for bridal and groom parties?  Staff -- who will be working your event and what are their responsibilities.Who controls the A/C and heat?  If a guest spills or the restrooms need attention are there cleaning supplies and a mop nearby?  Who is responsible for trash and clean-up? How large is the catering kitchen and is there room for storage for decoration boxes and a place for flowers before the room is set? Some venues offer a beautiful banquet room, but nothing behind the scene to support your reception.    Others offer multiple rooms for extra fees and still others built their facility to accommodate everything you need without you even having to ask.  ASK!Make sure you know what's included and what you responsible for so that your deposit is fully refunded

3   Parking and reserved parking.  Does the venue provide a parking lot attendant or valet parking or is everyone first come first served?  Where is the over-flow or remote parking?  Does the venue provide a shuttle service to the off-site parking lot or near-by hotel? Be good to yourself and make sure that parking for the folks who need to load, and unload are near a non-front door if possible, and that there is adequate parking for those with special needs.  Look at your guest list and if additional handicapped spaces are needed that venue reserves the number you need plus 1-2. Also check to see if there is a covered porte-cochere available for stunning entrances and exits.  Lastly, is the parking lot "High Heal" friendly.  

4   Preferred Vendor list.   Are you restricted to just their recommendations, or can you hire your favorite DJ, Caterer and Floweriest?  There are a ton of options available to you for a custom wedding!  When it comes to catering if you only choose 1 or 2 from column "A" "B" or "C" is that what you really want?How about a heavy Hors d'oeuvres reception or additional displays of breads or seafood or themed stations?Don't settle for anything less for your special day.  And yes, Coastal Catering can provide these to take your reception to the next level.It's your day HAVE it your way!

5   Rain on a wedding is considered good luck.  Yet, make sure you and the venue understand the need for last minute changes.  Your professional team should be able accommodate changes easily and without exorbitant (if any) additional fees.  Things happen, rain, major traffic delays, and ...  Remember, the two things you, as a wedding couple, have complete control over - You have to say "I love you" to each other and that the officiant signs your wedding certificate.  Everything else will work out if have a dedicated professional team working for you.Coastal Catering has the experience and dedication to provide exceptional catering and the ability to take care of last-minute changes.  We're here for you!

There are a lot of other considerations but checking on these 5 simple things (Value for your Money, What's Included, Parking, Vendor Accessibility, and Rain Plans (even if you have a completely indoor wedding) you will be well prepared to interview your venue partners.

Coastal Catering is on the preferred vendor list for numerous venues and has the reputation for taking care of our customers and venue requirements. We’re here for you!

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