Horseradish Is Used Worldwide


Horseradish originated in Western Asia and Southeast Europe. This ancient plant was used and mentioned often by the early Greeks and Egyptians. It’s flavorful and medicinal uses were numerous and very popular in these early civilizations. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington both write about Horseradish when they describe gardening in North America. It is a perennial plant and grows to about five (5) feet tall. Related to broccoli, mustard, and cabbage, Horseradish has a large white root. When grated into a mash the cells of the plant begin to deteriorate. Mustard oil is produced during this process. The human sinus, mucous membranes, and eyes become irritated by the mustard oil. H...

Thyme – An under used Herb


Thyme has been used by humans for many centuries and is related to the mint family. In early Egypt thyme was used for embalming and thought to assist in the passage from this life to the next. I wonder if Cleopatra knew that. The ancient Greeks and Romans were also interested in this delicious herb. They used it for incense, put it in their baths, and believed that it promoted Thyme Plantcourage. These masters of the Mediterranean used thyme as aromatic flavoring for their cheeses and liqueurs as well.

Thyme is available in both fresh and dried forms. Fresh is clearly more flavorful, however less convenient, as it is not always available. It is sold in bunches of sprigs and can be substitut...