Corporate Events Promote Excellence


Corporate Events can promote excellence within a company if done properly. Employees appreciate being appreciated by their employers. If you plan Corporate Events such as Christmas Parties, Summer Picnics, Training Seminars, Customer or Employee Appreciation, or New Product Launches, be sure to do it correctly. If you don’t care enough to do it correctly, don’t do it at all. What do I mean do it correctly?

Corporate Events Need;

  • Venue – Host your event at an appropriate location or venue. Selecting the wrong venue hurts your event before it begins. If invitees aren’t looking forward to attending, you have already lost your opportunity to impress. Don’t you want y...

Tip #2 High Tech Shopping List


High Tech Shopping List

I’ll confess from the start that my wonderful wife doesn’t use this unbelievably fantastic App, but I do! I own an I-Phone and I-Pad… Yes, I sold out and changed over to these Apple products and discovered Apps. This App is also available for the Android and for use on your PC. Enough. What is the App?


Buy Me A Pie…

I create color coded, item specific lists, organized the route that I shop most stores, that are easily edited. While I’m shopping, I scratch off the items in the cart, add to the list on the fly, as well as verify the quantity that I need. I’ve also created a list for our serving and display equipm...

Tip #1 Cook with a Smile


Cook with a smile. No matter what you’re cooking in, you should be wearing a smile. It seems like a lot of folks just “get some food,” “eat without tasting,” and “unconsciously consume calories.” I’ve discovered over the years, and you probably have too, that when the Cook really enjoys cooking, the Eaters really enjoy eating.


About, two years ago, I participated in a Gumbo cook-off… (I make a really delicious, dark rue chicken and sausage gumbo). During the contest I was able to sample the other Chef’s gumbos… some were pretty good and others were… for lack of a better word… terrible. As I chatted with Chefs, ...

Cooking Tips with Chef Marshall


“What Cooking Tips with Chef Marshall” is going to be about:

Fun, Easy, Common Sense, Cooking in the kitchen. I’d like this “Blog” to begin a conversation between my kitchen and yours, a conversation between Friends, a conversation about using the gifts of hospitality. So, you’ll hear some of my stories, some tips and tricks-of-the-trade, and hopefully some good advice. And, I hope to hear the same from you!