Oysters Monroe

Published February 25th, 2018 by Unknown

This is seasonal favorite of my family and friends and oyster lovers everywhere!

Oysters Monroe Serves 4

1qt Gulf Oysters
1 large Onion diced
1-2 Pounds Bacon diced (we like 2# well rendered, but 1# is so good, too.)
½ cup Favorite wine (I like a decent Red Wine, but your favorite is best)
½ Cup Half & Half or Heavy Cream
6 Slices Toasted Bread - White, French or Brioch

Render Bacon and save Bacon Fat for the Onions
Sautée Onions in Bacon Fat (some) reduce heat to Low-med
Add drained Oysters (making sure no shell pieces make it into the pan) simmer 4-6 minutes *

Remove excess Liquor and save (just to make a little extra gravy)

then Add ½ cup Favorite Wine ( I like a Red Wine)

Add ½ Heavy Cream (or half & half)
Salt and Pepper to taste *. Simmer 1 more minute
Serve on Toast Points.
Enjoy !!!


Simmer smaller oysters for a shorter time so that they don't shrink too much.

A heavy sprinkle of Black Pepper hits the mark!

This recipe is great the next day, too!

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