Because we care … at Coastal Catering we Recycle


We LOVE our community and the world!

When you live and cook on an Island you gain a greater appreciation for refuse that’s just thrown into a trash can or dumpster that gets emptied into a landfill. Well, actually, our appreciations is for keeping as much of our stuff out of the landfill as is possible.

We hand select all of our produce from wonderful vendors. Fresh is always best. That’s why we walk into coolers, open boxes and inspect fresh fruits and veggies. Unlike most caterers whose products are dropped off from big trucks, we take the time to shop… the results are fresher, healthier and beautiful dishes.

At Coastal Catering we compost our organic waste, we recycle cardboard, paper, aluminum, steel, glass and plastic. Yes, it takes time, but we feel our community and the world are worth it-- and we hope you agree. Recycle, reuse.

Why is this important to you? It’s just another way that we at Coastal Catering take care of our customers. We not only provide beautifully delicious catering, but we accompany it with outstanding service and genuine caring for each of our customers. We don’t run a “production kitchen” that’s just concerned about “getting” the food out. We treat each dish and every ingredient with care.

So, when our customers enjoy the fresh fruits and veggies on our Signature Cascade, a crisp Caesar Salad, or Oven Roasted Vegetables, they know quality has been a priority since we first selected their produce. One job at a time.


Here’s a hint for selecting fresh: Use your nose! Sniff for freshness! It may look a little weird, but you’ll be glad you did!

Bon Appetite,

Chef Marshall


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