Coastal Catering Chooses Option 2 !


It wasn’t a great leap to take our country from a 15 day social distancing requirement to an additional 30+ day mandate. I get it, slow the spread, and flatten the curve of COVID-19, and I believe, it’s the best option we have. But this Stinks!

As a Wedding and Event Custom Caterer our livelihoods depends on Weddings and Events. That means we aren’t doing Wedding Catering, Event Catering or Corporate Catering from March 15 – May 10 (or beyond). That’s a very long time with virtually no business for small business owners. Never had this kind of problem before. Yep, the mortgage is still due, the Utility Company still wants their money and Netflix is still Netflix. Just the facts, mam.

So here are the facts:

Option 1
Party Like it's 1999, Roll over and play dead.

Option 2
Get ready to have an outstanding 2020 (second half)
We at Coastal Catering have chosen OPTION 2!

What’s that mean for you? Well to start off with, we just received a perfect score of ZERO demerits on our COVID-19 Health Inspection! Yay for us! Our kitchen and storerooms are ultra-organized and very clean, everything is in fantastic condition, and the grass is mowed, too. Also, our website and social media functions are being updated. Great food pictures are hard to take just seconds before serving, but I promise to try harder and post more of what we do.

Ahhh, the FOOD! Oh yeah this “Self-imposed” quarantine is allowing us to do a second 2020 update to our menus! So far we’re added Smothered Boneless Pork Chops with Buttermilk Gravy, “When Pig’s Fly” (you gotta try this hors d’oeuvres — Pork Belly, Garlic Cheese Grits and House-made Plum Sauce,) Braised Brisket with Traditional Gravy, our new “Southern Stew”, Shrimp Creole Buffet Style for easier serving, and a host of new Brunch Pairings. Not to mention, we always use fresh veggies, and have improved our custom method of steam-roasting Broccoli and Cauliflower!

Yep, WE ARE BUSY! Getting ready for YOU! So, give us a call 409-789-1119 or send a Request a Quote via and start the process. After all, as busy as we are, we’ve always got time for our Customers, Friends, and Loved Ones.

Thanks for reading,

Chef Marshall
Coastal Catering