Coastal Catering is Cooking on the Radio!

Welcome to Coastal Catering... we're live on GLVI Radio.

Yes, it seems weird to me too... cooking on the radio, but a lot of folks listen, cooking is fun and we're making it easy. Our recipes are tried and true and flexible. So, relax and enjoy. Each month our recipes will change, yet our promise to you remains the same... Cooking for fun! I promise not to use recipes with "expensive ingredients" or that take 3 days to prepare for. For those living on the Island we'll be purchasing food like you do... at Kroger's, Walmart, Randall's and even 7 Sea's in Jamaica Beach. Our Seafood will come from Katy's Seafood on the wharf. Lastly, some will be low-carb, others allow for low-fat substitutes and can be made to your health desires. If, butter is called for in a recipe, we will only use real butter. "Tasting is Believing. "



Bon Appétit,

Chef Marshall

P.S. If, you have a recipe or type of food you want me to prepare live on the radio (within reason) feel free to give me a call!