When Choosing a Caterer


When choosing a Caterer…

A few months ago, I was invited to an event honoring a good friend who was receiving a very prestigious award. It was also great to see so many friends and folks from our community gathered to celebrate this special occasion… She really deserves her award, and everyone knows it.

The evening started with dinner at a beautiful waterfront venue in Galveston. The buffet was beautiful! Looked stunning. The serving line started with a mixed greens salad and your choice of three dressings- Ranch, Italian and Blue Cheese… followed by mixed veggies, potatoes and then the Carving Station (cold Pork Loin) entrée and a big bowl of shrimp and their “red sauce.”

As could be expected from my friends, after the presentation, they asked what I thought about the dinner. Reticent to answer, I asked them this question…. A beautiful evening and you just ate the same meal I ate… What dish really sticks-out in your mind... what dish was just delicious? After a few moments thought, the answers were things like… The beautiful Shrimp Bowl held mushy (probably Vietnamese, not Gulf) shrimp and the “red sauce”- wonder if they know what horseradish is? Another replied the salad was the best part, but nothing outstanding, and another person said “I love yeast rolls” (and who doesn’t) but they’re never as good as when they’re hot and these were cold lik the pork. Lastly, one guest said everything, and I mean everything, was bland… no seasoning at all… just your typical bad event food… Looks good, but let’s stop by What-a-Burger on the way home. And they did.

So when choosing a caterer, choose one who is proud of their cooking and flavors. Choose a caterer who begins the buffet line the star of the meal- the entrée. Choose a caterer who shops, cooks and serves, as opposed to "big box truck catering—Heat and Serve." Choose a caterer who specializes in Catering and not one who deals in a little bit of everything ( xyz catering does it all, Invitations, flowers and table decorations, linens, chairs, tables and specialty lighting.) Afterall, who hires a DJ that also specializes in flowers- (never a good idea). Finally choose a caterer that has your best interest at heart – you can get food anywhere, even at McDonalds-- you however deserve Outstanding Service, Beautiful and Delicious Food, at affordable prices. You deserve no less than Coastal Catering and our catering staff.

This story really happened. But it doesn’t have to be your story… give us a call, check us out and you’ll find Coastal Catering ready to take care of your catering needs.

Chef Marshall


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