Tip #1 Cook with a Smile

Published October 13th, 2013 by Unknown

Cook with a smile. No matter what you’re cooking in, you should be wearing a smile. It seems like a lot of folks just “get some food,” “eat without tasting,” and “unconsciously consume calories.” I’ve discovered over the years, and you probably have too, that when the Cook really enjoys cooking, the Eaters really enjoy eating.

About, two years ago, I participated in a Gumbo cook-off… (I make a really delicious, dark rue chicken and sausage gumbo). During the contest I was able to sample the other Chef’s gumbos… some were pretty good and others were… for lack of a better word… terrible. As I chatted with Chefs, guess what I discovered? The Good Gumbos were made by Chefs who were smiling, enjoyed shopping for fresh and quality ingredients, and had a story to share. So like they say, the proof is in the gumbo! Cook with a smile!

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