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Published July 31st, 2017 by Unknown

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Congratulations and Best Wishes !

Weddings can and should be full of joy... even the time leading up to the day! So, why are many couples stressssed out? The answer is simple... there's a lot to do get ready. So, at Coastal Catering we've prepared 6 Simple Steps to Stress to Wedding Stress Relief.

(1) ORGANIZE on paper and and keep a copy on your Phone or table. There are 100's of Wedding "check lists" on line... scan a few and choose the one that fits you best.

(2) TALK with your intended and decide on the essentials of what you both want. If, you're comfortable with chop sticks... use them, if not, keep with the traditional fork and knife. Hate the color Pink? Agree to Eliminate it from all planning. Or, if the budget is tight look for alternatives, but not for things that Uncle Buck picked-up at the cheapest and tackiest store ever. Careful on-line shopping can really pay off...


Too much Help? Politely say I've got this handled... I've got another idea and I'll be looking into it soon, BUT Thanks. Too little help? Let the pros do their jobs... give detailed instructions (in writing AND verbal) and let US earn your business and you keep the wedding THANK YOU's! Have a wedding party? Great they can help and will be glad to be part. It may be old fashioned to ask, but really... you would help them if they asked!!!

(4) LAUGH & ENJOY... on the day of your wedding only 2 things MUST happen. (1) You've got to say "I love YOU and I DO" and (2) the officiant must sign the certificate. Everything else is extra. Rain or Shine, cold or hot, most things truly work themselves out. Don't sweat the little stuff especially the week of the wedding. Breath deeply and smile...

(5) On the WEDDING DAY let the BEST MAN and Maid or Matron of HONOR be just that. They are there for you. On the wedding day you need a person of contact... Who should the caterer, florist, dj, etc. check in with? Who's holding the marriage certificate? Give your contact person a check-off list 2-3 days before the wedding. OH, and don't forget the after wedding clean-up crew... it takes time to take down... so Keep things as simple as you can without sacrificing quality.

(6) On the day before and the day of your wedding, BE GOOD TO YOURSELF... Eat and enjoy, but not too much, Drink and be Merry, but not to much. Be out and about, but Not too much.

Shrimp & Grits Appetizer

These simple step, along with Coastal Catering hors d'oeuvres and meals will make for a wonderful and beautiful day.

Call TODAY 409-789-1119 to start the conversation... Thanks, Chef Marshall

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