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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we choose Coastal Catering to cater our event?
How much does a catering event cost?
Do you provide service for your beautiful buffets?
What if our event is over an hour long?
Do you provide beer, wine and liquor service?
Grandma gave me a silver serving platter and I want to use it… how?
Do you charge a delivery fee?
Do you have equipment fees?
I have a favorite recipe and really, really want it at our reception… can you make it?
Our party is only for 30 guests and it’s in our home… can you do it?
We love shrimp! Can you do an onsite shrimp (crawfish) boil?
We’re having an all day event (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) can Coastal Catering do that?
What credit cards to you accept?
Our menu sounds perfect, but several guests are vegetarians… what do I do?
We want to spend more money on the Dj/Honeymoon/Mortgage… what can we do to keep our costs lower?
Corporate Receptions, Lunches and Dinners for 500 Guests?
Kids. We love our kids, but they don’t want grown-up food… Kids Meals?
What about left-overs?
How far do you travel?
Chairs and Tables and Tents and …?
What about Linens and Chair covers?
We’re a non-profit. Do you work with volunteers? Can we provide drinks, etc…
Most of our guests Vegetarian/Vegan…
It’s best if I’m not in the same state as “Nuts, Seafood, and Spices, because of allergies.
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