Frequently Asked Questions

General (25)

Why should we choose Coastal Catering to cater our event?

Delicious Food, Beautiful Displays, Outstanding Service and Affordable Pricing

How much does a catering event cost?

We price our Hors D’oeuvres and Meals by the person and not the piece. We believe that this produces a better value
for our customers. Please click on the QUOTE FORM to obtain pricing.

Do you provide service for your beautiful buffets?

Another value for customers… all catering events come with a full hour of service plus all set-up time!

Specialty Displays! We really want our Reception/Party to be exceptionally beautiful

For over the top displays choose from our Fruit, Veggie and Cheese Signature Cascade (edible), or

2 Pineapple Tree Display (great for Shrimp and Oyster Shots Stations)

Mediterranean Bread & Veggie Display -  Looking for WOW display... look no further.  Real Glazed Breads, Fresh Whole Veggies, Woven Baskets and more... 

Fresh Fruit and Whole Veggie Display -   This alluring and fresh display is set to amaze...  (non-edible, but real!)

What if our event is over an hour long?

We provide additional service time and additional service, by the hour, for an additional charge.

Do you provide beer, wine and liquor service?

At this time we offer non-alcoholic beverages. We can provide you with set-ups, servers and bartenders at standard rates. We also have recommendations for full service providers.

Grandma gave me a silver serving platter and I want to use it… how?

No problem, we use special care when we use your special serving pieces…we want your event to be special for you (and grandma)!

Do you charge a delivery fee?

Not usually. Sometimes if we’re just dropping off delicious food there may be a small charge.

Do you have equipment fees?

Nope. Typically all equipment fees are included in our prices.

I have a favorite recipe and really, really want it at our reception… can you make it?

We do our very best to prepare your recipes to your satisfaction! We call it custom catering… you’ll call it delicious.

Our party is only for 35 guests and it’s in our home… can you do it?

YES! We love to do in-home parties… your home will have the aromas of home cooking and hot food fresh from the oven.

We love shrimp! Can you do an onsite shrimp (crawfish) boil?

You betcha! Bring the gang over and let us do the work… check out our shimp boil, you will be impressed.

We’re having an all day event (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) can Coastal Catering do that?

Depending on the location and available equipment we make every effort to keep your company/employees well fed and satisfied all day long!

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes.  For deposits and payment, we gladly accept cash and checks and offer a cash or check discount.  To use a credit card please pay the amount in the credit card category.

Our menu sounds perfect, but several guests are vegetarians… what do I do?

With just a little advance notice, we will accommodate most special dietary requests.

We want to spend more money on the Dj/Honeymoon/Mortgage… what can we do to keep our costs lower?

Frequently, even usually, we use “premium single use products” and our customers and their guests love them!

Corporate Receptions, Lunches and Dinners for 500 Guests?

Yes! Businesses, Churches, Universities, Schools, and large groups are all welcome.

Kids. We love our kids, but they don’t want grown-up food… Kids Meals?

Of course! Anything we can do to help all your guests enjoy their meal is what we do. PB&J, Chicken Nuggets, Mac & Cheese, see our Kids Kuisine menu.

What about left-overs?

Keeping with industry standards, (because of law suits) all remaining products remain property of Coastal Catering. We can and do prepare special meals to go for the bride and groom.

How far do you travel?

Depends on the number of guests, menu, and available on-site equipment.

Chairs and Tables and Tents and …?

We cook. And we love what we do. We can provide you with the contact info of several vendors who do.

What about Linens and Chair covers?

We utilize several exceptional providers offering an extraordinary variety of colors, fabrics and designs.

We’re a non-profit. Do you work with volunteers? Can we provide drinks, etc…

We are experts at working with volunteers and it seems most churches/NPO’s like saving money by providing their own drinks and helping with pre-sets… and that’s cool with us.

Most of our guests Vegetarian/Vegan…

Coastal Catering Cares! Of course we have wide selection of Vegetarian/Vegan items to choose from.

It’s best if I’m not in the same state as “Nuts, Seafood, and Spices, because of allergies.

We have a very clean kitchen and prepare dishes in certain orders to help prevent cross contamination, we understand and appreciate allergy concerns, yet all our dishes are prepared in a kitchen that uses these items. Please advise us and your guests with any concerns. Thanks.