On-site SHRIMP BOIL Contest 

  1. VOTE for Coastal Catering – The honor system (we’re not checking). We know our Customers,  Friends, and Family are great people and we trust you. 

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  4. You can only enter the contest once (per email address) it’s a voting thing. Reader’s Choice  Voting and entering the “Thanks for VOTING for COASTAL CATERING On-site SHRIMP BOIL Contest” both end August 27, 2020. The contest winner will be announced with great fanfare on September 26. The Shrimp Boil must be consumed within 1 year from winning. 

  5. The winner (Congratulations, early) must live within an hour and ½ of Galveston, Tx. Or, pay for  travel and accommodations for Stacey and Marshall (maybe we can join you at your Caribbean estate) . 

  6. Let us know how cool you are because you entered, and to make sure we don’t miss anyone,  please send a “Get in touch” msg through or email us at Oh, and “Like” like us while you are there! If you would like to receive a personalized, limited edition, one time only, Thank You postcard from us, Please include your snail mail address. 

  7. All normal (don’t sue us) rules apply. Cash value? $0.01. Real Value – Priceless!

  8. Hope! Hope to win and Hope for our Country.

  9. Don’t be mad if you don’t win. There will be only 1 GRAND Prize Winner, although we’re all  winners. The GRAND Prize Winner will be selected randomly. Your heartfelt participation is a great award. Please don’t put it on the mantle. 

  10. Odds of winning? Better than if you don’t enter. 

On-site Shrimp Boil for You & 11 Guests! 

Large Gulf Shrimp, Sausage, Red Potatoes, Corn-on-the-Cob (fresh if available), Quartered Onions, Fresh Mushrooms & Asparagus with Coastal Catering Cocktail Sauce. (It’s all really good!) But WAIT, there’s more… also included are Watermelon Salad, Buttery & Garlicy French Bread, Fruited Water & Iced Tea. What about dessert? Of “course” (get it?), we’ll serve large Fudge Brownies with Fresh Strawberries and if you want it, Whipped Cream. 

What about the single-use product and napkins and …? We’ve already included that, too. Anything else? Oh ya, our pleasant company, and all this will take place at your home. When will all this Fantasticness happen? The date will be mutually chosen by the winner and Chef Marshall. Please be warned that most Saturdays are spent with our customers (It’s the, I’ve got to make a living thing). Call, e-mail, text with any questions or clarifications. 

Good luck and bon appetite!

Chef Marshall 



On-site SHRIMP BOIL Contest

All you have to is:Less


  2. You can only vote once, AND right beneath our Name (with the (✔) hit share. Then click on a  social media button- most likely FB 

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  4. Drop us note via “Get in Touch” tab, or IM/DM, or text 409-789-1119,  and let me know you shared. That’s it to be entered. 

I’ve been asked by a number of “Out of Town” Out of the 1 & ½ hour limit if they should enter… YES! 

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